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I got accepted to test an iPod nano - it was totally free, I got to keep it afterwards and all I had to do was a 10 minute survey. Thank you for this opportunity!
Josh Osborne
Joe Parish
I never normally sign up to things like this online, but I had nothing to lose and actually got a free iPhone 4 in return for a review with photos and a long .
Jack Matthews
Jon Smith
I didn't get accepted last time I applied to test an iMac, but I don't mind - the survey only took a few minutes and it was free anyway, thanks for letting me try!
Sue White
Emma Williams

How Does It Work?

  • Earn £30,000

    Step 1 - Fill Out the Form, Now!

    We need your contact details to get in touch if you're succesful. Hurry because the product tests may only be open for a few days as many people may apply!

  • Cut 50% Off Your Energy Bills

    Step 2 - Complete a Lifestyle Survey

    After you fill out the form, you'll get taken to a lifestyle survey. You need to complete this as accurately as you can so we can check your eligibility for the product test. It takes up to 10 minutes, and is completely free.

  • Own 100% Of the System Yourself

    Step 3 - Receive Free Product To Test, Review and Keep!!!

    If you are eligible to do the review, you'll get sent the product within 3 weeks to test and review. If chosen, we ask you write at least 400 words and include 4 photos. The product is then yours to keep, free. We make money by selling your feedback to companies such as review websites or product manufacturers.